Luxury 2+1 Toilet

150 people

2 ladies’ toilets, 1 mens’ toilet and 2 urinals

Fully self contained

For those looking to add a touch of luxury to their event, our luxury 2 plus 1 Toilet unit is a popular choice ideal for weddings, smaller parties or events. Providing your guests with a luxurious experience.

Our Luxury 2 plus 1 toilet unit provides all the necessary facilities for up to 150 guests over an 8-hour period. With two ladies’ toilets, one men’s toilet, and two urinals, this unit offers ample space and convenience for your guests. The self-contained design means that it only requires a 13amp electrical supply and has its own water supply and waste storage.

The 2 plus 1 Luxury Toilet can accommodate up to 150 guests over an 8-hour period, making it a convenient and efficient option for smaller gatherings. For events lasting multiple days, our team can discreetly empty the holding tanks, clean the units, and restock any consumables as needed.

Our trained technicians will deliver, install, and test the unit to ensure everything is in perfect working order for your event. They will also make sure the unit is fully stocked with all necessary supplies so you can focus on enjoying your event without any worries about restroom facilities.

What’s Included?

✔ All the required consumables for the hire to include luxurious hand soap and moisturizer, hand paper towels and toilet rolls, please spares of everything should you run out during your event

✔ Automatic air fresheners

✔ Heating to warm the luxury toilet unit internally during the winter months

✔ Hot water hand wash facilities

✔ Delivery, set up and collection at a convenient time for you which will be agreed with you at the beginning of the week before your event

✔ Fully self contained waste and water tanks which will be taken away with us at the end of the event

✔ 24/7 telephone support throughout the duration of your luxury toilet hire

The only thing we require is an electrical supply of either 13amp or 16amp to connect the toilet into when we deliver the toilet to you for your event.

Additional Extras

+ Connection to mains waste and water for a long term event

+ Small generator hire to power the luxury 2 plus 1 toilet unit for an event in a remote location

+ Attendant service to ensure the toilet remains clean and tidy throughout your event and to ensure all of the consumables are restocked during your event

+ Out of hours delivery and collection to suit your requirements for your event

Specification and floor plan

Capacity – 150 guests for an eight hour event
Length: 5.5 m (6.5 metres with draw bar)
Height: 3 m
Width: 2.5 (3m with steps and handrails attached)

We are here to help guide you on the right luxury toilet unit for your event.

Our luxury 2+1 toilet unit is ideal for…..

luxury loo hire for weddings

Private Parties

luxury loo hire for weddings

Corporate Events

luxury loo hire for weddings

Filming Locations

luxury loo hire for weddings