Terms & Conditions of Hire


The Hirer is liable for the hired equipment from the time of delivery until the time of collection by Owens.  This damage will include damage caused by neglect or accident while using the facilities. The Equipment must be returned to Us in the same condition as it was when it was delivered to You


At the time of booking Owens requires a non-refundable deposit of £150 to be paid by bank transfer.  This deposit is to secure your booking and is non refundable or non transferable. Owens will not be held liable for any event, which is cancelled or transferred.

The Customer shall be entitled to cancel the Contract on giving the Supplier notice in writing in accordance with the time limits and subject to paying the Supplier such cancellation fee as specified below

If you notify Us of Your intention to cancel not less than 6 weeks (42 days)] before collection or delivery, You will be obliged to pay 30% of the full amount due under the Contract;

If You notify Us of Your intention to cancel between 4 and 6 weeks (28 and 42 days) before collection or delivery, You will be obliged to pay 50% of the full amount due under the Contract;

If You notify Us of Your intention to cancel less than 4 weeks (28 days) before collection or delivery, You will be obliged to pay the full amount due under the Contract.

Owens require full payment of the balance to be paid 30 days prior to the event plus an additional £150 damage waiver which is refundable after the equipment has been inspected on collection after your event.  This refundable damage waiver may be paid by cash, card or bank transfer before delivery of the equipment. 


Delivery will chargeable and confirmed at time of quoting/booking with the Hirer. 

Set Up, Operation and Breakdown:

Owens will deliver and set up the event equipment before the start of the event.  Owens will confirm on the Monday prior to your event the date and time to the Hirer for delivery. Delivery usually takes place on a Thursday or Friday and collection on a Monday or Tuesday. Weekend delivery/collection if required will be quoted and charged accordingly. Upon delivery the equipment will be set up and Owens will show the Hirer how to operate the equipment. This set up process will take approximately 1.5 hours from time of arrival. 

Owens will collect the hire equipment on a Monday/Tuesday (unless the event is on a different requiring a different delivery/collection day) and will take approximately 1 hour to break down.  The Hirer must be available to sign the checking in form on collection. 

Requirements for Usage:

Luxury Event Toilet:

The Luxury Event Toilet is self sufficient and adequate for the event type and guest number as per your booking form.  It requires a 16amp 240v electrical supply in order to operate. The toilets come complete with their own on board water and waster tank for hand washing and flushing.  Any other hire equipment will have their own separate T&C’s please ask Owens for a copy of this. 


The Hirer is responsible to ensure there is full adequate access available to Owens to accommodate a vehicle of up to 9ft wide. Owens also required a level hard standing area to place equipment on and level road way for access.  The hire equipment must be place at least 10 meters from any main building, vehicle or marquee. The Hirer must ensure there is not any over hanging branches where the unit is required to travel through or be parked near at the property. Any damage caused by this on arrival will be chargeable to the Hirer to repair. 

Loss & Damage:

The Hirer is responsible to ensure that all hire equipment is locked at all times when not in use and is in a secure location. All damage will be assessed on collection and the Hirer will be responsible for the repair costs for this damage.  Owens will retain the £150 damage waiver in the event of damage caused and deduct this from the repair cost. If the cost of repair exceeds this amount then the Hirer will be liable for the balance. The Hirer will be supplied with an invoice for the repair regardless whether the damage was caused by accident or neglect. 

In the event of theft/fire the Trailer will be covered under Owens Luxury Loos insurance policy.